Friday, 19 June 2015

An open garden at Forneth

Another wander around an Open garden, this time along by Forneth. I arrived bang on opening time so I could rush and gorge myself on tea and cake before anyone else had the opportunity. Beautiful gardens with the lunan burn running through. There appeared to be a large turnout of people, which is good as it must be very nerve racking opening your garden up for scrutiny. I never did partake in tea and cake.

Glenericht House Gardens

Ten minutes up the road, before you reach Bridge of Cally, on the right hand side are Glenericht House gardens.  The woodland gardens are nestled alongside the River Ericht and are reached by a very long Beech tree lined driveway. There is a magnificent suspension bridge spanning the river and I don't imagine it is used very often as I presume access the main house from the other side.  The garden has many tree specimen's growing to remarkable heights and is a lovely place for a wander.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Kirkmichael - Kindrogan (Cateran Trail)

On a very hot April day I took the track from Kirkmichael to Kindrogan. I didn't go all the way along to Kindrogan, just a small lochan about half way. It was a pleasant sunny stroll apart from meeting a small child who was kicking her small motorbike and cursing because it wouldn't start. The offer was made to assist her, but sensibly she decided this would not be an option as she clearly stated her father would be along in a minute. The damp woodlands and loch were awash with toads doing their spring mating ritual, have never seen so many, every step made had to be scanned for toads.