Friday, 11 January 2013

Glas Maol

On Wednesday Deputy dawg and myself headed up the road for a bit of walking after the cabin fever that is the Christmas holidays, they just went on and on and on and on and.............. well they are over and I can look forward to a new chapter.
Glas Maol is a pretty straightforward Munro to climb and unusually for this time of year there was hardly any snow, well that's why I decided to climb it or I would have taken the easy way up by the ski poma.  Once you reach the peak of Meall Odhar you drop down then up again on to the plateau of Glas Maol.  Disappointingly the mist came down when I was up top, so totally misjudged the gap in the snowline to get down again, so had to go along to the tops of the ski lifts and follow the snow fence down. Should have waymarked my route.  This area is in the Caenlochan national nature reserve and I am presuming the metal coverings are protecting some sort of plant.  There were plenty ptarmigan and mountain hare dotting about the mountains.  Apologies for photos, but seems to have been a change in the way to upload them all - confused, so am I!