Saturday, 23 July 2016

Beavers and Ospreys at Loch of Lowes

Managed to spend a couple of evenings at Loch of Lowes this week.  The Osprey family this year have 3 youngsters that all fledged last week, so I thought I may see some flying Osprey action. The first evening upon arrival I came across a person's ex mistress, or maybe there was more than one.   Once in the hide, almost immediately a beaver swam past.  The Opsrey chicks were crying for food, so was pleased to see some fishing going on. also saw a Merlin with its dinner.  Was chatting to a man who had some amazing pictures, taken on the Cardney estate, of one of the Ospreys fishing. The second evening, the Ospreys were just hanging about in the trees, but the beavers were swimming about.
This is probably a great time to go along to the loch in the evening, as you are pretty much guaranteed to see things going on.