Sunday, 29 May 2011

Loch of Lintrathen

Just further along the road from Peel Farm is Lintrathen Loch which is a Scottish wildlife trust nature reserve. If you follow the Glenisla signs along a narrow road there is a small parking area and you can take the short walk to a hide to watch the birdlife. Not much going on today as it was yet another windy day so the loch was very choppy.

Peel Farm

Went for a wee drive this afternoon as I was getting cabin fever!. Go along past Alyth and follow the signs for Glenisla B954 and you will see the signs for Peel Farm. There is a farm shop, a gift shop and a coffee shop/cafe. There is also a lovely duck pond with geese as well as ducks and you can walk to Reekie Linn from a track beside the cafe.

Thursday, 26 May 2011


Earlier this week Scotland was hit by Gale force winds which caused havoc all over the country. Huge ancient trees were uplifted and in this area many of the fruit farms poly tunnels were ripped to shreds, horrendous for all affected. In general May has not been it's usual sunny warm month, we were spoilt by the glorious weather in April.

Wild Beavers and Wild Boar

I had the wonderful opportunity to go and see some of our local wild beavers one evening and also caught sight of wild boar and their piglets. The photos are a bit hazy because of low light, but it was an amazing sight to watch the beavers doing what beavers do. More information on the Scottish Wild Beavers here and the huge benefit they are to the environment.

The Bluebell Wood

As always the bluebells in Darroch Woods looked stunning again this year. I suggested to South African guests to go and have a look as they were keen walkers and they loved it and took many photographs. They did many of the local Blairgowrie walks, they only checked in for one night and ended up staying three nights.

White Loch

Way behind with my blogging again, so a few photos to share from my recent wanderings around the area. Unfortunately I am in danger of repeating myself on many of the local walks I do, but the pictures are always different. These photos are from White Loch and the easiest way to get there is from a path opposite the Dalmore Inn and Restaurant on the Perth road.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Flowers from Guests

On Monday night I had two couples staying and the husband of one of the couples had arranged for some flowers to be delivered the next morning for his wife as it was their anniversary, naturally she was delighted. However they were all off to walk the Cateran Trail so I looked after the flowers. I had another bunch of flowers delivered this morning for the lady from her husband, so when they returned today to pick up their cars and luggage they kindly said I could keep the first beautiful bunch. the flowers are from our local Blairgowrie award winning florist 'Something Special'.

I have had eight guests in total this week walking The Cateran Trail and they all had a fabulous time, sunny weather, stunning scenery and peace and quiet.

Potato Planting Kit

A couple of weeks ago I won a potato planting kit on Twitter from a competition run by Tyrrells crisps. This morning at 7.ooam the door bell went and it was the postman with my prize. I was only expecting a potato planting bag, but in the box there was also a lovely trowel and eight packets of crisps. The crisp flavour selection was Stilton & Grape, Chicken & Tarragon, Salt Marsh Lamb & Mint, Ludlow Sausage & Mustard and finally Worcester Sauce & Sundried Tomato. Better get eating crisps and planting potatoes! Thank you Tyrrells.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

More Local Produce

I love the local small-holdings you can come across selling their own produce. I thought a nice poached Duck egg would go well with the asparagus and stocked up on some Rhubarb for my popular breakfast compote.


May is Asparagus season and we are fortunate to have a big Asparagus producer along past Meigle at Eassie Farm. Their Asparagus is highly sought after and is used by many well known chefs. There is a small shop where you can buy which was also a hive of activity with ladies sorting out orders etc. Naturally I came home with a few bunches - delicious fresh local produce.

New Chickens

On Tuesday I saw some 17 week old Black Rock pullets for sale in the local paper and as I have space for some more I thought why not. So yesterday after a call to the advertiser I went and picked up two lovely new ladies. I left them in the hen house for a while before opening the door to see what would happen. They didn't waste any time emerging for some food and a drink, the resident ladies were not totally impressed, which was to be expected, but by and large the introduction went well. Once the original hens had gone into roost I put the other two in the hen house and left them for the night. I got up earlier than usual just in case there was some early morning fighting, but all was quiet, so fingers crossed they will all settle together.