Monday, 29 August 2011

Dalrulzion Woods up to Loch Mharaich

 A 15 minute drive up the A93 just between Blackwater Hall and the old Blackwater Inn there is a track to the left which is the entrance to Dalrulzion woods/forest.  You can easily park at the side of the track or I suppose it wouldn't be an issue if you parked just beside the Blackwater Inn at the ski hire place, seeing as the ski place is only open in winter.

 Keep following the track all the way up straight up and you will come across the stunning Loch Mharaich nestled amongst the trees - quite beautiful and peaceful.  You can walk around the Loch but it was a bit boggy and my boots leak a bit!

 Retrace your steps and just past a track that goes off to the left you will see a small cairn and a path that goes deep into the forest.

 Just keep following the faint path all the way down, you may see deer and there are the remains of ancient hut circles.

 You will come out of the gate above and you will see the A93.  Turn right onto the road and take care walking the short distance back to your vehicle.
The above walk is Trail 5 in the Glenshee Outdoor Activity Guide of which there is a copy available in all the bedrooms for you to use or take away with you. 

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