Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Blairgowrie Cemetery

You lucky readers, I haven't blogged about Blairgowrie Cemetery before and it is only a 7 minute walk away.  Had an hour wandering around it this evening, as you do.  As I have mentioned before, I have a fascination for old headstones, well it is the intricate stone carving I admire.  Blairgowrie Cemetery is a mixture of very ancient and very modern headstones.  Sad to see how young so many have died or taken their own lives, but that's the circle of life.  My father's 2 sisters both died relatively young, and the one I am very similar to died not much older than I am now......gulp! Actually got a bit of a shock when I saw her age on her headstone when I was last up at Comrie. What will be, will be.  Lots of Cemetery Randomness for you. Is Randomness a word?