Monday, 29 July 2013

Jampionship Garden

Somehow I seemed to have managed to volunteer to do the weeding of a little garden plot in the town, so was along this evening tidying it up.  It used to be full of dilapidated roses, but last year I helped to dig them all out and it was re-planted with fruit bushes/plants.  It is a community type garden, and was the idea of the Love to Eat/Jampionship team, so anyone is welcome to have a chomp on a strawberry or raspberry if they wish.  Next week the Britain in Bloom judges will be visiting the town as the extremely hard working team at Blair in Bloom made it through to this competition...........and I totally forgot to enter this year's Blair in Bloom garden competition.  Too late now as the judging has been done.  For you geocachers there is a geocache hidden in the area near to the garden. Inadvertently took a photo of my foot, proves I was there! Seem to take a lot of photos of my boots and probably need a new pair now as they are falling apart, but they have done a fair amount of mileage now.

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