Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summertime in Blairgowrie

For a nice change there has been a decent spell of weather with very pleasant temperatures and I have even been out on my bike a few times in the evening.  Beaver watching a bit hit and miss at the moment as the beavers have moved up river and with the river being so low they are being extra cautious and coming out later in the evening. I have taken a few people down to see them and they all enjoyed the experience.  With this good weather our local fruit farmers are having a good season and I have been making raspberry and strawberry jam and I purchased some pork and raspberry sausages from my local butcher for a wee change at breakfast, although to be honest most people tend to stick to good old pork.
I have been lucky with all the lovely guests staying this month and always great to welcome back regular guests and thoroughly enjoying running the B&B as well. Lots of last minute online bookings starting to come in for August and for rest of the month.  It is amazing how quickly your free nights can quickly fill up in the summer and of course the B&B is in a good position to get passing trade as well. You find you always go into auto-pilot during the summer and get on with the work and your routine.  I haven't been on any really long walks, and have been taking the dog near water more, as he struggles a bit with the heat and enjoys to have a swim.
I have been putting more of my pictures on flickr again as they have improved the site and is much more user friendly.  I have taken the For Sale sign down for the summer as not really a good look, but it made people in the town aware it was/still is on the market.  There is a bit of a glut of B&B's/guest houses in the town for sale, nothing to do with lack of business, just everyone has reached 'retirement age'.  Shall just have to wait and see if any interest in the this space, can't really say much about 'personal' things and really why would I want to anymore, what's done is done.
  The kids are still in France and to be honest are bored and want to come home, far too long for them to be away.  Their father will get to enjoy another week with them when he goes to pick them up and they only have one day back before they return to school, so much for me getting to do something with them! Hopefully I can take them somewhere in the October holidays.

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