Sunday, 30 June 2013

End of June

Don't know about you, but this year is flying by.  The children went away on their annual summer holiday to France this morning, their father took them over, which means I have no transport for the week. Don't think you can take dogs on the local bus so will mooch about here and anyway the B&B is busy,  plenty local walks to enjoy.  Honestly haven't been up to anything much since my last post, well not quite true, lots going on but not to do with the B&B.  The eagle eyed amongst you will notice in the photo selection a For Sale sign, yup the house is on the market with Hodge It went on last Friday and judging by the total lack of interest I assume it will be on the market forever!!! It is a bit soul destroying as it really is a fabulous property, but that's the housing market at the moment for you.  I am still running the B&B the same as usual and I would imagine if, no WHEN (be positive) it sells it will probably continue as such.  Possibly shooting myself in the foot by declaring the house is on the market as might put potential guests off booking far in advance, but that's the risk you have to take.  A lot of my regular guests already know and when I explain the reasons to anyone I can honestly say not one person has thought I was totally bonkers with my huge decision which is not just about the house but my personal life also.  Life is going too quickly now to stand still. I certainly don't want to plod on and regret not doing anything about my current situation whist I had the opportunity. Hard to believe this is my 17th season here and I have been in the Hospitality industry 27 years now.
Anyhow, as I said, will no doubt be here for a good while yet, so come and stay and if you know anyone who wants to run a B&B, well you know a pretty decent one for sale!

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