Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Cateran Trail - Bridge of Cally to Blairgowrie

 Had a quick finish this morning and as my husband wasn't working today I could leave him on B&B duties.  I got him to drop me and the faithful dog off at Bridge of Cally so I could do the Cateran Trail stage back to Blairgowrie.  I have mentioned the track behind the Bridge of Cally Hotel before but instead of heading into Blackcraig Forest you take a left up a tack through the woods.

 I met a man who was out with his Harris Hawk, he was teaching another man some falconry skills, sorry for bad photo.  Out of the woods you emerge onto moorland called Cochrage Muir and this is pretty much the landscape until you reach the other side and drop back down into farmland at Middleton.

 Crossing over the Lornty Burn you take a left from West Gormack over to East Gormack.

 I was rather pleased to get a good view of Glasclune Castle after being so near yesterday, in fact I was so near yesterday I wish I had persevered.
Walking up from East Gormack it is a quick walk back into Blairgowrie, but I cut back home across the 'Knockie' again.  Another great walk and another part of the Cateran Trail done.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A walk looking for old castles by blairgowrie

 From Gilmore House just walk a little bit into the town and take a left up Newton Street, you will pass by Newton Castle, until you reach Burnhead Road at the top where you great views of the town. Turn right and follow this road right along to Lornty Road.

 Take a left at this junction and just keep walking.

 You will eventually come to a junction, take the track on the right with the sign Muirton of Drumlochy.  The purpose of this walk as well as being a nice walk was to locate the remains of Drumlochy Castle and the whereabouts of Glasclune Castle.  Both Castles are now ruins. 

 I found the wood where I could probably access in to Glasclune Castle and actually met a friendly lady who lived at the farm further up, she said I would have to go down a bank, cross a burn then scale a ravine!, so decided not to bother. 
 Before the wood for Glasclune Castle there are some old farm steadings on the right which is Mains of Drumlochy, found out when I got home Drumlochy Castle remains would have been down on the left of the track, so near yet so far.

I came back the same way but walked home over The Knockie.  I took a photo of where I had just been and have marked the route, just click it to enlarge.  The cross to the right should be Drumlochy Castle and the cross to the left is Glasclune Castle where you can see a stone wall emerging from the canopy of trees.  In the 16th Century Glasclune Castle was home to the 'Heron' family and Drumlochy belonged to the 'Chalmers', they were feuding neighbours and apparently the Heron's purchased a canon and blew up Drumlochy.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Dalrulzion Woods up to Loch Mharaich

 A 15 minute drive up the A93 just between Blackwater Hall and the old Blackwater Inn there is a track to the left which is the entrance to Dalrulzion woods/forest.  You can easily park at the side of the track or I suppose it wouldn't be an issue if you parked just beside the Blackwater Inn at the ski hire place, seeing as the ski place is only open in winter.

 Keep following the track all the way up straight up and you will come across the stunning Loch Mharaich nestled amongst the trees - quite beautiful and peaceful.  You can walk around the Loch but it was a bit boggy and my boots leak a bit!

 Retrace your steps and just past a track that goes off to the left you will see a small cairn and a path that goes deep into the forest.

 Just keep following the faint path all the way down, you may see deer and there are the remains of ancient hut circles.

 You will come out of the gate above and you will see the A93.  Turn right onto the road and take care walking the short distance back to your vehicle.
The above walk is Trail 5 in the Glenshee Outdoor Activity Guide of which there is a copy available in all the bedrooms for you to use or take away with you.