Saturday, 27 August 2011

Farewell Ford Ka

Yesterday I said a sad goodbye to our wee Ford Ka.  I know it is only a car but we have had it for many years and it has been great.  Whilst other cars got stuck in snow and ice this little car always got through and you could park it anywhere.  The Ka had originally belonged to my father who had bought it when he retired but my parents finally had no need for two cars so kindly gave it to us as we really needed two vehicles, what with my husband's  hours and the children being very little.  Anyhow, it failed it's Mot and was going to cost far too much to repair but someone actually wanted to buy it, so off it went.  So, we are down to one car now which I know is nothing to complain about and with my husband changing jobs recently and working more 'normal' hours we probably don't need two cars now and it is easy enough to walk down the town and to school etc. I will no doubt miss having a second car at times but as the saying goes 'It's not the end of the world' and I should be thankful we can afford to run one car.

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