Friday, 31 May 2013

Bluebell Wood

I'll just show you one photo from the Bluebell Wood, going back to my 'groundhog day' concerns.  I have put the rest up on Flickr, whose new look is really rather fabulous, must get back into it. Also took a random shot of a post with the tree in the background, attempt at being 'arty'.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mention in the Blairgowrie Advertiser

Along with 'Perthshire Amber', Gilmore House got a wee mention in the local paper about getting through to the regional finals of the Thistle Awards.  Nearly choked on my tea when I saw what Mr Ellis said about me, seriously though don't think anyone has ever been so complimentary ( his cheque is in the post!)

A wander around the garden

As the title says I had a wander around the garden this evening to see what was blooming.  The flowers are so late this year but are finally starting to look good now there is some warmth in the air.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Creag Leacach (almost)

Guests were away sharp today. Have had a bit of a run of early breakfasts so am wearing that slightly perplexed what day of the week is it expression and I don't go to sleep particularly early either.  That aside means I got on quickly so went for a walk with the plan to climb up Creag Leacach, the summit is marked on the picture with a red star. 
Superb walk up the gully and I traversed around the back and up, lots of great bird spotting today. I was probably about 20 minutes from the summit but unusually for me I turned back as it was absolutely blowing a hoolie up on the ridge, bitterly cold as well. Very disappointed I didn't quite make it. On the way back mr dog sniffed out an antler, which I have brought home with me. I managed to get soaking wet feet crossing a stream and had an almost enviable hair style aka the windblown look,  I'm sure some people would pay good money to achieve the look, get it for free, climb a mountain! I had a huge amount of my hair chopped off a while ago so probably makes it more susceptible to the windblown look.
Brilliant walk and rather pleased with the antler, as it is in really good condition.
Birdie tally today: Grouse, Ptarmigan, Dipper, Lapwing, Skylark and a Curlew on the way home.

Excuse my ultra baggy trousers, but they are great as they have loads of pockets.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor

'TripAdvisor is delighted to recognise Gilmore House with a 2013 Certificate of Excellence. '

Also had an overnight inspection last night from Visit Scotland Quality and Assurance inspector and relieved that the B&B passed with flying colours and no reason not to keep the 4 star gold award.  Always very tense when an inspector calls as you just know they are looking in all the nooks and crannies and pulling out furniture to check for dust etc. and generally going through everything with a 'fine toothcomb'.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Scottish Thistle Awards 2013

For the second time the B&B has made it through to finals of the Scottish Thistle Awards  Correction it has made it through to the regional finals for this year and made the grand finals in 2010 before they changed the format and had regionals.  If you look at the website you can see all the categories and criteria for entry and you must provide a huge amount of back up material to actually prove what you are saying, not a case of take my word for it.
If you are in the hospitality industry you should give it a go next year, and if you want me to write up your entry, my fees are very astronomical! seriously though if you are thinking about entering any awards give us a call and I will happily give you some pointers. ie if a guest sends you a lovely thank you e-mail, keep it don't delete it.
Funnily (or not) an estate agent said to me recently that I should become a B&B consultant, think he was serious!, although when my B&B days are over I would love to be a travel writer/ blogger exploring perthshire and beyond with my camera, need to upgrade my camera kit and be more descriptive in my writing style though.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Carn Aosda

Lovely warm day so grabbed a window of opportunity, packed the small rucksack, and headed up the road to climb up Carn Aosda. Of course when I reached the car park at glenshee the mist was down over the tops, but decided to press on regardless in the hope it would lift, and it did.  It only took 30 minutes to get to the desolate rocky top and unusually I met 3 other walkers who made friends with the faithful hound.  I then dropped down to Loch Vrotachan before heading back.
I stopped briefly to walk part of the old road where the notorious devil's elbow was, well still is, and had a look at the tank traps built during World War 2 as part of the Cowie Line.