Thursday, 23 May 2013

Scottish Thistle Awards 2013

For the second time the B&B has made it through to finals of the Scottish Thistle Awards  Correction it has made it through to the regional finals for this year and made the grand finals in 2010 before they changed the format and had regionals.  If you look at the website you can see all the categories and criteria for entry and you must provide a huge amount of back up material to actually prove what you are saying, not a case of take my word for it.
If you are in the hospitality industry you should give it a go next year, and if you want me to write up your entry, my fees are very astronomical! seriously though if you are thinking about entering any awards give us a call and I will happily give you some pointers. ie if a guest sends you a lovely thank you e-mail, keep it don't delete it.
Funnily (or not) an estate agent said to me recently that I should become a B&B consultant, think he was serious!, although when my B&B days are over I would love to be a travel writer/ blogger exploring perthshire and beyond with my camera, need to upgrade my camera kit and be more descriptive in my writing style though.

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