Sunday, 5 May 2013

Butterstone Loch

Long time I haven't blogged. To be honest haven't really been up to much of any interest and distracted by some negative stuff going on, everything happens for a reason, but this blog isn't about me.
  I don't want to repeat myself on here with my outdoor excursions or it will turn into a groundhog day of beavers, ospreys, wildlife and all things outdoors which you know I love.  Maybe I should blog more about shops, but 'retail therapy' ain't my thing!
 Well this afternoon I went along to Butterstone Loch, yup repeating myself! The cafe/bistro and the fishery have ceased trading, in fact I think the whole Cardney Estate is on the market, but it is still possible to drive down, doesn't say anywhere you can't.  Unfortunately it had clouded over after a bright start to the day but still beautiful.  I was hoping to spot an Osprey and momentarily got excited when something flew over from the Loch Lowes direction but it was a seagull.

So what is happening in Bed and Breakfast land..........emm not much to report really, all my guests seem to depart happily which is what it is all about at the end of the day and I have had a good number of returning guests already this year.  The ski season only finished a couple of weeks ago and the garden is weeks behind in blooming due to the cold weather so maybe that is a sign for a good summer, who knows what lies ahead.

Hope you enjoy the photos

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