Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cateran Trail GeoTour

Monday 26th March see's the launch of Scotland's First GeoTour on the Cateran Trail and will go live at  Geocachers will use a passport to collect points and could win a collectable geocoin.  I am pleased to say Gilmore House will be supporting the GeoTour and I will get a sticker for my window, always love a sticker! and the Cateran Trail is a braw walk, so fire up your GPS and be one of the first to get the caches. Blairgowrie is well situated for Geocaching, loads round here, and they are all good quality ones as well.  If you go onto the Geocaching site look out for 'Snaik' and Perth Pathfinders' caches, some are really tricky to work out.

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