Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hill of Alyth

Another pleasant day and a new walk which for some obscure reason hound and I have never done before, especially as it is only along the road at Alyth.  Parked up at the Den of Alyth and walked along the road to access the path heading up the hill. The sun was slowing burning off the east coast haar (mist) and it got pretty warm.  Straightforward climb through gorse and grass to the summit, just a shame the haar was obscuring the views, hence lack of cracking view photos.  Lovely to sit at the top and listen to the magical sound of the skylarks, well I was 99% sure they were skylarks but checked out their 'song' on the internet when I got home, birdie watching heaven on walk today, should really note what I saw, down.  I then dropped back down the hill and climbed up it's neighbour the Hill of Loyal where you get a great view of Barry Hill Fort where so legend says, Guinevere of King Arthur fame was once held captive by Mordred, although they seemed to have missed that bit out on 'Merlin'!  Returned towards Alyth via a woodland and picked up the Cateran Trail which takes you back into Alyth.  Great walk and must go back up on a clearer day (story of my life) as the views will be spectacular.  Astonishingly came across a beaver out in broad daylight on way back to the car.

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