Friday, 4 November 2011

Achalader House and Graveyard

 About 3-4 miles heading out of Blairgowrie on the Dunkeld Road there is an old graveyard and the remains of an old house called Achalader.  First I had to work out how to get to the graveyard as there was the Cattymill stream to negociate and I didn't have my wellies on and it was too wide to jump.  So I continued along the single track road and saw an obvious track/road which may take me in the general correct direction but the big red No Entry signs sort of put me off. 

 I went back to the road and found an old gate and a suggestion of a path so just followed it and came across the very overgrown undisturbed graveyard.  My main quest though was to find the ruins of Achalader House.

 I followed the path passing some stunningly huge trees ,it must have been an impressive 'parkland' at some time.

 And then hey presto the 'ruins', all that was left was some piles of rubble.  Supremely disappointed as there are some great pictures on the internet of it, albeit of a derelict house. Never mind my own fault for not searching it out sooner, I think it must have been demolished in the last couple of years.  Here are some photos of what I was looking for and if you google Achalader House you will find bits and pieces of information.

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