Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A wander up the Riverbank at Dunkeld

The 1st of November, happy birthday to me, and it was a lovely sunny day for the start of the month.  I have plenty little jobs I could be getting on with in the B&B now it is getting quieter, but just to nice to be indoors.  The Dunkeld Hilton Hotel have placed quite a lot of geocaches in their grounds so that's the area the ever faithful dog and I headed.  I only managed to get around less than half of the caches and a couple of others placed by other people but hopefully there is always another day.

 I parked at the north car park in Dunkeld and followed the path around the back of the cathedral and just kept going.

 This ancient larch tree was planted by one of the Dukes of Atholl from seed brought over from Europe.  Since then over 14 million larch trees have been planted in the area.  Pictures that follow are general views along the walk.

 Once I reached the bridge that carries the main A9 over the mighty Tay I retraced my steps.

The pine cone viewpoint from a different perspective.

Neil Gow's oak - in the 18th century this famous fiddler used to sit under this tree where he created his best compositions.

Came across this great geocoin, I didn't take it to move on to another geocache though, I left it for someone who can probably travel further afield with it than me.

And back at Dunkeld Cathedral.

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