Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Creag Leacach (almost)

Guests were away sharp today. Have had a bit of a run of early breakfasts so am wearing that slightly perplexed what day of the week is it expression and I don't go to sleep particularly early either.  That aside means I got on quickly so went for a walk with the plan to climb up Creag Leacach, the summit is marked on the picture with a red star. 
Superb walk up the gully and I traversed around the back and up, lots of great bird spotting today. I was probably about 20 minutes from the summit but unusually for me I turned back as it was absolutely blowing a hoolie up on the ridge, bitterly cold as well. Very disappointed I didn't quite make it. On the way back mr dog sniffed out an antler, which I have brought home with me. I managed to get soaking wet feet crossing a stream and had an almost enviable hair style aka the windblown look,  I'm sure some people would pay good money to achieve the look, get it for free, climb a mountain! I had a huge amount of my hair chopped off a while ago so probably makes it more susceptible to the windblown look.
Brilliant walk and rather pleased with the antler, as it is in really good condition.
Birdie tally today: Grouse, Ptarmigan, Dipper, Lapwing, Skylark and a Curlew on the way home.

Excuse my ultra baggy trousers, but they are great as they have loads of pockets.

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