Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Perthshire Breakfast - pilot initiative 2010

At the beginning of June I was invited to take part in 'A Perthshire Breakfast' pilot scheme, which was a lead on from the Cookery Course I attended last December, which I blogged about.
There are three B&B's taking part so far, Rose Cottage in Aberfeldy, Beinn Bhracaigh in Pitlochry and myself. There will be more courses at Let's Cook in Abernethy at the end of the year and we hope more B&B's etc will join up. Last week we had our photo taken with Councillor John Kellas and there was a write up in The Courier and The Perthshire Advertiser. The following is what a Perthshire Breakfast is about:
Travel around Perthshire and you'll soon notice that it is a favoured place. It's lush fields edged by woods, it's straths, rivers and upland grazings all create a sense of well being in the landscape. and proof of this is in the sheer variety of quality produce that originates here. From outstanding raspberries and mouthwatering soft fruit to fresh free range eggs and honey from hills and blossom. From top quality beef, lamb and game to wild boar, succulent venison and an array of vegetables - Perthshire is unbeatable.
A Perthshire Breakfast makes the most of this natural bounty and consists of a least 50% of locally sourced, seasonal produce - a delicious and memorable start to your day.

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