Monday, 10 December 2012

Old A93 Baillie Bridge

 I am repeating this walk along the old section of the A93 just outside of Blairgowrie, but today I went further along the old road and admired the colossal rock face of Craighall Gorge.  It was sheet ice at the parking area today, but did an impressive hand brake turn to park up (closet petrolhead).  Not far into the walk I met a couple who go along here regularly to put food out for the red squirrels of which I saw two today and a deer and a huge variety of birdlife.  Took a few random pictures of the Baillie Bridge then further along went into the wood to get a decent sighting of Craighall Castle and the gorge.  Next time I shall have a scramble down for better views or more sensibly probably walk along the river banking.

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