Friday, 27 June 2008

Billy's Halo by Ruth McKernan

One of the interesting aspects of running a Bed and Breakfast is the people you meet from all over the world and from all walks of life. At the moment I have a lovely couple from Belgium staying and they were telling me about this book they had read and how it mentions my B&B, I thought it must be some sort of travel book. Anyhow this morning they showed me the book 'Billy's Halo' by Ruth McKernan, unfortunately for me it is a Dutch translation copy and on page 177 there is a mention of Gilmore House. Naturally I was intrigued and once I had done my morning's work I was onto the internet to find out more about the book and author, it looks fascinating reading and there seems to be quite a few pages about the family's visit to Blairgowrie so of course I have ordered a copy. Intrigued even more by the fact they had stayed here out came old reservation books to find the name McKernan, couldn't find it, then flash of inspiration maybe the author had booked under her married name, more research, and I eventually found their booking way back in September 1998, when they had stayed for 2 nights, from having the date I dug out my old visitor books and was able to find their comments. Even more bizarre, my Belgium lady has had pan fried apple slices for Breakfast and if you read the comments made the McKernan's did too.!

To Ruth McKernan:

Should you come across this blog I hope you don't mind me writing this and thank you for the mention and I apologise for not being able to remember your stay. I look forward to reading your book.

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