Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Royal Navy Rescue

Not long after 1pm when I took the dog out I heard a helicopter flying very low and sounding as if it was trying to land, because of the heavy snow I couldn't see anything, so being curious followed the sound to the field opposite the cemetery just along the road and low and behold a Royal Navy Rescue Helicopter had landed!! Typically I didn't have my camera so I just had to rush home and get it as it is not something you see every day. I was not alone in taking photos! (Note of the day, always go out with my camera as the most unexpected things can happen) Apparently they were waiting for an ambulance to come down the Glen as they could not land because of the adverse weather conditions.
It has been snowing all day here, yesterday the snow from Monday had all melted and it rained all day long. The forecast is dry for tomorrow, so the forecast says.

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