Sunday, 5 July 2009

Another Open Garden Visit

Went along to a garden open under Scotland's Garden Scheme 10 minutes away across at Spittalfield. What an amazing garden, it is not formal, but there are trees and ponds and flowers and views galore. It is huge with meandering grassy footpaths everywhere, little bridges across the ponds, quite magical. The garden is by a place called Inchtuthil (the island that floats) an old Roman Legionary fortress. I didn't see any signs of it, but by chance near where the car was parked I saw a man doing a Geophysical survey and moving flags around in a big field, so I went to investigate and found out from a lady that this is where the fort was, the field is huge. So I have been checking it all out on the Internet. Will follow this blog up with pictures from the field and a link.

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Sandi Van Winkle said...

Beautiful! I love your updates and your Tweets. I hope that in the very near future I can come stay at your B&B. I think your guests are very lucky to have such a caring proprietor. Have a great week! Best Wishes Always - Sandi