Sunday, 23 August 2009

Blairgowrie Community Campus

Tomorrow is the start back to school after the summer holidays for primary and nursery pupils into their brand new school. Yesterday we had an official visit/tour around the facilities. All I can really say is that it is amazing. Unfortunately I could not get any photos inside as there were too many people in the way! I couldn't believe how huge the school is inside, it will take the pupils a few days to get their bearings. All the classrooms are quite open plan with no doors, all the equipment is state of the art, a beautiful library, gym, media centre etc, etc. My children are excited about school lunches as they will be given a top up card to pay for meals and they have to scan their fingerprint when they go into lunch. The teachers have a huge balcony running off from their staff room, from where they can monitor the gates and playground and perhaps catch a few rays of sunshine!! It really is a school for the 21st century. The local community and clubs will also have access to many of the facilities after school hours.

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