Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wildlife in the Snow

Just thought I'd share a few wild animal photo's with you. We have deer, grouse and mountain hare all very easy to spot at this time of year. The mountain side was teaming with red deer this morning, quite an amazing sight. Today it finally warmed up a wee bit so we will get a thaw at lower levels. Unfortunately it is still leaking into my lounge, but I delegated duties and sent hubby up the ladder this time to try and clear some snow and ice from the roof above the ground floor lounge.


Sophie D said...

I love your photos. I am just outside Scone on a farm and have never seen such an abundance of Scottish wildlife - amazing. We have roe deer I think and hares but not mountain hare or red deer. I am a keen photographer so may come up your way for some photos!

Gilmore House B&B said...

Thank you for your comment about my photos, thank you, plenty of red deer up the road to Glenshee.