Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Lady Returns

The Ospreys are back along at Loch of Lowes after their warm winter in Africa. I have been waiting and watching the webcams and following people on twitter to see and hear about the Ospreys return. Yesterday an Osprey landed in the nest but then went away before returning again in the evening. This morning it was confirmed as being the regular female 'Lady', she is also known as 'Marge'. What is more remarkable is that this is her 21st consecutive visit for the breeding season and she is aged at about 26 years old. Last year she was seriously ill in her nest and everyone thought she wouldn't survive but she rallied round and successfully raised two chicks with her partner. Because of her traumatic time last year she probably wasn't expected to return this year, but the grand girl has surprised everyone again, she must overwinter in a magical place that gives her super powers!

Naturally I had to nip along this morning to see for myself and get some photos. The centre was quite quiet when I arrived but soon filled up with people including TV crews and professional photographers in to report the story. The STV crew filmed me and another lady, who is also from Blairgowrie, taking photos and they did a small interview with us!, should have brushed my hair and put a better top on. We were all treated to a spectacular fly past of 2 Ospreys coming in and lady taking off to chase them away.

*Just saw my 'starring' role on the tv - cringes!*

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