Friday, 24 June 2011

Caterham 7

It was a busy old day in B&B land today, lots of happy guests leaving and rooms to get ready for tonight's arrivals. I had just finished cleaning when the doorbell rang and the owner Andrew from Open Road Hire which hires out Caterham 7's introduced himself, we follow each other on Twitter, so not total strangers. As you know I like to take photographs so was pleased to learn he had come in one of his Caterham 7's and was even more pleased when I was invited to go for a drive - shame I didn't have more time and we could have driven further than we went. It was a lovely day for a drive, we went along the Dunkeld Road onto Palace Road and back along the Essendy Road.

Hiring a Caterham 7 is a great gift idea for others or yourself and the country roads around Perthshire are ideal for driving on and generally very quiet. Today's visit from Andrew and his car 'made my day' thank you. I also put a wee video up on you tube

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