Friday, 31 January 2014

January 2014

The end of January already.  Tick, tock goes the clock. Time and lives move forward, while for others it stands still. Tick, tock.

First update of 2014, nothing to update really, but I shall share my lacklustre news anyway.  Not a bad January in the B&B occupancy wise, and the weather has been generally grey and wet.  Glenshee ski centre has benefited from huge snow falls this week so fingers crossed the cold air stays in residence for February and the mid term holidays.
Blairgowrie had it's annual fun run on New Year's Day and had the best turnout to date, have challenged myself to run it next year.  There have been some interesting visitors to the bird feeders, long-tailed tits and blackcaps (bad photos).  Had one outing in January when I took the children through to Edinburgh to visit their beautiful new baby cousin.  'That's all Folks'....stay tuned for the next instalment.  Tick, tock.

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