Saturday, 19 November 2016

Drummond Castle Garden's and Keep - Crieff

In September I made a re-visit to Drummond Castle Gardens, as the Keep was going to be open to the public as part of Door's Open Days. Fortunately the Sunday was absolutely beautiful weather, the day before would have been a washout. Naturally the views from the top of the Keep were spectacular over the strathearn valley. The gardens are still amazing and were used in Outlander, I believe. I have only recently got hold of the series Outlander and only made it through the first episode so far. Took far too many photos, but maybe that is good as my photography interest has dropped off and I sometimes struggle to get my enthusiasm, I once had for it, back.  For example this morning it was a beautiful freezing cold day with lingering mist. I was out with the dogs and the light playing on the ground etc was stunning, but I never had my camera nor my phone camera.

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