Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Genealogy Research - Angus -Scotland

Last time I went to visit my Father's grave, well buried ashes, I also stopped as I usually do to look at my grandparent's grave. I always shudder when I see the age one of my Aunt's passed away. The reason being I was apparently quite like her and I wonder if my time is nearly up. Anyway, I always thought my grandmother's name was very interesting, so I thought it might be interesting to do some research. My father had muttered occasionally about doing family research, but he never did.

My grandmother had the rather excellent name Alexina Sturrock Pattullo, so this was my starting point. She was born on June 7th in 1902 at Boghall in the Parish of Monikie and was living in Broughty Ferry on the 1911 census with her father William and mother Isabella and 5 siblings.

Obviously you can go off in all sort of directions with family research, but it appears all my ancestors hail from around Dundee and the rest of Angus, so not far for me to travel to look at relevant places. One relative I have come across has an equally great name, Clementina Lumgair.
It is all rather fascinating, one day my children may think so too!!

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