Thursday, 18 December 2008

Where's Santa?, Christmas Shop & Refurbishment Update

Paid a visit finally today to a newish shop in the town called Gallimaufry in the High Street, it is a real emporium of Festive Goodies, just lovely.

Every year Santa goes around the town with his sleigh and tonight was our area, so I was totally gutted when he just whizzed past this evening with a wave, he usually stops, maybe he was holding onto his sweeties because of the credit crunch!! I was hoping to bring you a photo of him, so I shall just improvise instead, might catch him in the town on Saturday.

After a week of cleaning up the dust and putting all the furniture etc back after our improvements the house is finally back to normal, just a couple of finishing touches and I shall post some pictures of the two redecorated bedrooms, I'm very pleased with them, massive improvement.

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