Tuesday, 3 March 2009

General Rambling

I'm going to go on about the weather again. Last night's forecast predicted a huge dump of snow this afternoon/evening and in light of this I had some fishermen cancel their booking. So surprise surprise it hasn't materialised as yet. They are certainly getting snow on the west and further north of us, so I hope I won't be eating my words and wake up to a snowfall.
I received an interesting booklet through the post called 'Listening to your visitors', all about feedback, review sites etc and in one section about social networking and making it work for your business I was pleased to see I was already doing some of the suggestions, blog, flickr, you tube and facebook. Well to be fair I haven't actually uploaded my youtube video promoting my B&B yet, no that's a lie I did but thought it looked terrible so I took it off again!! As for facebook a friend last year got me to join up to be her friend but I never really got into it. When I was having a look at the site I saw you could create a page to promote your business so I did and I can feed this blog straight into it. Surprising amount of B&B's on facebook. So if you click on this you can go to my page and if you are a facebook member you could become a 'fan'.
But the new thing to do now seems to be Twitter, don't think I'll bother but you never know! Ah the joy of technology.

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