Sunday, 8 March 2009

Pictures from the Claybokie run

Checking out the Glenshee conditions this morning, I saw they had fresh snow overnight so eventually we decided we would go up and get an afternoon pass. In the car park it was snowing and windy, but myself and daughter no 2 decided we would brave it and the rest went home and would pick us up later. I now know the exact mileage to Glenshee, 26 miles. I'm glad we went skiing, had a great afternoon, lots of fun, despite it snowing continuously and being quite windy. Husband had a bad journey collecting us as he was nearly at the top and they closed the snow gates because of the ice on the road, but they let him through. We had to wait a little while to go back down for the gritters to do their stuff. Glenshee now have web cam pictures on the ski scotland site.

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