Thursday, 1 April 2010

Still Skiing!!

We have recently been having quite a mild spell, so the snow was vanishing fast up at Glenshee, but we have just had another very cold, windy and wintry snap, with a lot of snow falling. The weather always seems to get colder again around Easter, looking back on my blog there has been snow. Anyway, my younger brother was coming up to fix something on my computer and I suggested he brought his skis with him and we could have an afternoon skiing. I wasn't sure if we would get there as road reports said the road was closed and the ski website said it was open, but we got there and the roads were fine. So a nice few hours were spent, although at the top of Glas Maol it was so windy you could hardly move and there were some very deep pockets of fresh snow. The main pisted runs are still in good condition if you are heading up, but who knows what the weather will do!!

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