Friday, 14 May 2010

Old Garage, New Shed

View after garage down
View before garage down
New Shed
Old Garage
Sorry I have been a bit quiet on here of late. Computer developed problems, so was avoiding using it too much, but all fixed now. We have been quite busy down in our guest car parking area. There was a very old wooden garage which unfortunately was in a bit of a state, so we decided to remove it and replace with a large workshop/shed. The guests car parking area has all been re-organised and is much more spacious and we have re-claimed back a large chunk of the car park for our own garden, as it was just a wasted space, so I am pleased to have a bigger garden! With the garage gone it has opened up the views towards the Fir Hillock from our own back lounge. On Wednesday and Thursday we were busy removing an old fence and re-using as much of it as possible to divide of the parking and our garden, it was very hard work, but we are pleased with the results. I shall take some photos and post them.

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