Sunday, 11 July 2010


I have been thinking about getting chickens for about two years and yesterday I finally took the plunge and picked up 6 Isa Brown point of lay hens. I have never kept hens before, but when I was younger I did keep ducks and pigeons, so I'm not a complete novice in bird keeping! I spent ages looking for a chicken house and decided on one from Perthshire Poultry. I can quite honestly say it is a superb house and the joinery on it is excellent, certainly built to last, I would highly recommend them. The houses on the website usually have a pitch roof but the gentleman kindly made me one with a pent roof. The house currently has a run attached to it primarily as I have a dog. So this morning was the hens first outing from their house, the dog was understandably wondering what on earth was in his garden! Fortunately he is a very quick learner and has been as good as gold, touch wood. So I just have to wait for my first eggs, probably a couple of weeks yet, I have been assured they are very good layers.

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