Friday, 3 September 2010

Pine Cone Viewpoint

Another opportunity for a walk today!! I headed back over to Dunkeld again as I was wanting to walk up to the Pine Cone Viewpoint in Craigvinean Forest, didn't have time yesterday. Upon leaving Dunkeld head up the A9 for a very short distance and take the left turning into The Hermitage. Instead of parking in the small hermitage car park there is a dirt track to the right where there is another car park, but follow the dirt track for a few minutes and you will come to the Quarry car park. Once parked you go through the gate and follow the red route markers which will take you up to the Pine Cone. It is a very good track and is also suitable for wheelchair users. The views are glorious from the top and if you are lucky you can spot red squirrels. There are also a lot of geocaches in the area and I found three today. When coming back down you will also glimpse the Torryvald Folly which I blogged about on 20 May 2009, so that is worth a look as well.

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