Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kirkton of Glenisla

After being at the reservoir I continued along to Kirkton of Glenisla, a very small charming village. I had a walk along a small part of the Cateran Trail which involved crossing a small bridge over the River Ardle. The dog did not take kindly to crossing the bridge and froze in terror halfway across, finally managed to coax him across and all was well. I have lots of guests who walk the Cateran Trail so it was nice to think they had all walked along this path to their next overnight stop. There is a hotel in Kirkton of Glenisla and a couple of B&B's. If you continue to drive along this road you can loop back onto the A93, there are lot's of little roads going here there and everywhere. I returned the same way and stopped at Reekie Linn which I mentioned in May 2009 and the water was gushing down. I have put yesterdays photos of Reekie Linn on my flickr album and a wee video of it on my facebook page.

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