Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bread Making Course

Schiacciata Con Uva (good with blue cheese)
Aberdeen Butteries
Plain White Loaf
Cinnamon Rolls
Today I spent the day at Let's Cook Scotland, just down the road at Abernethy, where I attended the Perthshire Breakfast Course in 2009
The day commenced at 10.00am. All the recipes were based around a white bread dough and how versatile it can be. We started by making a big batch of basic white bread dough all by hand. Whilst this was proving we made a quick and easy and delicious Irish Soda Bread. Sarah the owner of the cookery school then showed us how to make a basic tomato sauce for the topping on pizza's. Once the dough had proved it was knocked back and split in two. With one half we made a basic white loaf in any shape you fancied and the other half was used to make cinnamon rolls. For lunch we made our own pizza. Sarah showed us how to make Moroccan Flat Bread and Aberdeen Butteries. Butteries are a similar taste to croissants and originate from Aberdeen, I attempted to make them years ago and they were a disaster, so it was great to see them demonstrated as really quick and easy. We then made up a dough for Focaccia and once it was ready I topped mine with red onion,sun dried tomato, olives, blue cheese and some rosemary. The focaccia dough can also be used to make Schiacciata Con Uva which has grapes and fennel seed in it and is very tasty on a cheeseboard with blue cheese. The day finished at about 4.00pm and we all left happy with all our goodies and a nice selection of recipes to try out. A very enjoyable day and have picked up lots of tips I can use in the kitchen, and now I hope my brown bread will hit the mark as well, as it has been a bit hit and miss in the past.

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