Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Newtyle Path Network

Today having had to do a quick run over to Newtyle the faithful hound and I decided to have a stroll.  I have often passed the signs indicating a railway walk, so today we (the dog and I) decided to investigate. It was easy to park in a large muddy lay-by beside the B954 right by the walk markers for 'Railway Walk' and 'Water Backie'.  I didn't have my trusty map with me so had no idea really where I was going, but we just followed the path through the woods and over a boardwalk that took you up some steps to an old railway line.  Quite by chance we met a man with a lovely puppy who was telling his puppy how he would grow up to be as lovely as my dog - sweet.  The man kindly told me where the paths all went.  If we went right at the top of the steps we would head back into Newtyle and left to continue on a circular walk, so we went left.  The track continued for a short way before heading back down towards the road, take care crossing as it is a busy fast road.  So we crossed over and continued along the line before coming to a road which we followed left as I guessed this would bring us back in a loop, there was a fantastic view of the tower on top of Kinpurney Hill.  We headed into some woods which I am sure must be full of red squirrels, we saw two buzzards and the path led us back to the main road and the car.  When we got home I did a quick google of the Newtyle Path Network, I have heard of it before but never investigated further.  Newtyle Village has a really informative website and there are 5 walking maps for the area that can be purchased from the Newtyle Post Office, all these fabulous walks and history to discover only a 15/20 minute drive from Blairgowrie.  Click here for link.

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