Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wild Beaver Walk

Also on Friday evening I went Beaver watching not a million miles from here. There have been wild beavers in Perthshire for over 10 years and have only recently had more attention focused on them because of a proposed cull.  There are people for and against them and everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Click here for more information about the Scottish Wild Beavers.  We only got a fleeting glimpse of a beaver, wind in wrong direction, quite a few people about etc didn't really enhance our chances.  If you want to spot a beaver it is really a case of sitting patiently and waiting.

 Great willow regrowth on cut tree
 This is an otter holt
Ladies out enjoying an evening hack, they were staying at South Littleton Cottages and brought their horses on holiday with them.


kristieinbc said...

I had no idea there were beavers in Scotland! I have learned something new today. I had always thought beavers were a North American only animal.

Gilmore House B&B said...

If you ever return to our area I shall take you to see where they live.