Thursday, 2 August 2012

Foraging Walk

Cittaslow Perth organised an evening foraging event starting at Rodney Gardens in Perth and walking along to Willowgate Fishery past the ancient orchards.  Shockingly it was the first time I have ever set foot in Rodney Gardens and you can park right next to it as well.  There are lots of sculptures etc a return visit needed.  Margaret Lear from Plants with Purpose led the foraging walk and showed us all the edible plants and her husband Andrew explained about saving all the ancient fruit trees by taking cuttings etc. Amazed to hear how the whole area used to be one huge market garden.  We finished up at Willowgate Fishery below the Friarton Bridge for a cookery display and a bite to eat. Also sampled some lovely rhubarb and vanilla cordial and the lady who made it let me take the bottle home.     Incidentally there are lots of geocaches around here....on my list!

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