Monday, 18 February 2013

Afternoon circular walk

A very beautiful spring like day today, so dog and I headed out for just over 2 hours on a circular walk.  Went up The Knockie, where there is some footpath maintenance going on, then left along past East Gormack following the cateran trail path.  I enjoyed looking around an old cottage then instead of heading over Cochrage Muir way I followed the single track road back down onto the A923 stopping off to look at Kinloch Church.  The church is a listed building, nothing fancy, with two round headed windows and a bell cote and an array of interesting old headstones in the churchyard.  Then it is a straightforward walk back along the road to blairgowrie.

I said before about the marks on my camera lens, which unfortunately were very pronounced today in the sunlight. I had better look into getting it fixed, if possible, and use the wee canon camera for now.

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