Friday, 1 November 2013

Corrie Fee

Well today it was my birthday......45 years old....but enough of that, no celebrations.  Although to mark this momentous occasion the dog and I crossed the border into Angus and up to Glen Doll to walk up Corrie Fee across the reserve and onto the Cairngorm plateau, about 10 miles there and back.  Lovely drive up to the Glens carefully avoiding all the pheasants with a death wish.  The whole Angus Glens area is an absolute walkers paradise.  The weather wasn't too bad today and had a bit of snow right at the top, as well as the obligatory swirling mist.  Very pleasant hike up through the woods and then 'wow'.  You emerge out of the trees into the amphitheatre of the Corrie and you are immediately struck dumb by the dramatic landscape in front of you with the waterfall at the far end.  It was strangely quite moving and I am running out of superlatives to describe the awe inspiring beauty of Scotland.  It was actually like entering another world, the whole Corrie is a National Nature Reserve.  My pictures do not do it any justice what so ever, but well worth going right up to the plateau at the far end and the dog managed fine on the rocky climb.  As usual quicker coming back down and my knees were feeling it as I jogged the last bit back to the car....guess that's what happens when you reach 45!  More pictures on Flickr.

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