Wednesday, 6 November 2013

World War 2 'Pillbox'

Another nice day yesterday, but very cold.  Planned on doing a bit of Munro bagging but too much snow on top's and I wasn't properly equipped.  I just had a wander about the lower slopes up at Glenshee which still had snow and ice in parts, but didn't become a 'cropper'.  Although somewhat funnily and fairly painfully I managed to do a rather impressive slide and fall on some gravel as I was nearly back at the car.  Luckily no one was around to witness my black clad self striding down the hill then disappearing in a heap!
I mentioned the tank traps at the Devil's Elbow in a previous blog and this time I located the old Pillbox which is fairly well hidden.  Nice little building on the mountain side, although built for serious matters.  It was very dank and dark inside, but very interesting. Just my usual photo randomness and my shadow thrown in for good measure, that damn shadow kept getting in all my photos yesterday.
On another note they are realigning the road just before Glenshee Pottery where there was a steep dip and steep climb, will make a real difference especially in the winter.

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