Saturday, 22 February 2014

Trip to West Lothian

The children had their half term this week, so as my eldest was desperate to see her new baby cousin again we ventured out of Perthshire.  Not into Edinburgh this time as the new baby cousin and her parents have moved into the countryside of West Lothian, a far cry from the bustling street of Leith Walk.  Having never really explored around West Lothian I must say I was impressed, lots of things to see and do.  The children were less than impressed as they know full well my tendency to suddenly stop and take photos of 'things'. Passed by a Korean War Memorial and naturally had to do a quick reverse and stop for a quick look.  On the way home and as the sun was out I couldn't resist stopping at the quaint North QueensFerry to admire the splendour of the Rail Bridge.  There was some great pieces of driftwood washed up on the shore, but I managed to hold myself back from throwing some in the back of the car. 
A few blogs ago I mentioned that they had moved the Blairgowrie Highland Games dates to June...or was it July, well they have moved it back to the original date in September again, so as you were.

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