Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Glenshee and an update

The weather has been lovely this week and I have done a bit of dramatic pruning in the back garden which has opened up the views from my lounge, which I have also totally rearranged.  I had a Visit Scotland Inspector stay last week which I had an inkling about, but wasn't sure until he presented me with his card the next morning.  I usually have the same Inspector every year, so nice to get another opinion on the B&B.  I was a bit shocked that he didn't make any negative comments at all, which is excellent.  Gave my confidence in running the B&B a real boost.  Yesterday and today were stunning sunny days so I went and did a bit of ski-ing and had a couple of snowboard lessons.  It isn't easy!! but just like anything the more you do it the better you will become.


kristieinbc said...

I'm glad your visit form the Visit Scotland person went well. You have a very strict B&B rating system in Scotland. There isn't anything like that here in Canada. Good for you for trying snowboarding. I've never been brave enough. :-)

Gilmore House B&B said...

Thank you. Will have to get more lessons next winter in snowboarding!