Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wandering About

Had a pleasant walk this afternoon, just nearby, wandering about without any purpose. I wander a lot without purpose, one of my brother's says I will end up a mad old woman surrounded by dogs. Can think of worse things to end up as!  Lot's of beaver activity at local loch, so will have to do a stake out when the evening's get lighter and dazzle you with photos that look amazing on my camera but look absolutely terrible when downloaded on the computer. Have guest's in all week who are house hunting in the area, couldn't persuade them to buy mine.  The person who I mentioned before who nearly bought my house has put an offer in on a much larger and grander house in the town, well if I had her budget I would have gone for the other one as well.  I know the owner of said house quite well so she is delighted, after her house has been on market nearly two years, she is in the B&B game as well. I painted my upstairs lounge last week, it looks much 'warmer' now. Am running out of things to do in the B&B as nothing needs done, guess it is just a case of maintaining it now. 

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