Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Gleneagles Hotel - Afternoon Tea

One of my far flung saunters out, well twice this year and only 45 minutes away, was to Gleneagles Hotel for afternoon tea. The first time was in August with my mother, who had been gifted a voucher for Christmas and kindly invited me along to partake in tea. The second time, in October, was again with my mother but also the three younglings, it was a combined birthday treat for them.

Having worked in a hotel in the Lake District for a number of years which was famous for it's Afternoon Tea, there was a potential I could be very critical. I must have served/prepared hundreds of Afternoon Tea's in my hotel days. I had absolutely nothing to nit pick over, both times were outstanding and recommended for a special occasion. The tea is served in the bar and if you are seated near the window it is excellent for a bit of people watching.

The food is served on a 3 tier stand. The top being savoury bites, the second layer sandwiches and the third layer a selection of small cakes/sweets.  The warm scones are brought separately when you request them. The whole service was very attentive.

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